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Word Origins – Weekend

It’s a Saturday, finally. After going through a rough week, this weekend was the most awaited one. A whole two days off from work, in which I can do what I please. But why two days? Why not three? and why two days in succession? If you think about it, this arbitrary...

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Six Survival Techniques for Translators during a Slump

Since freelance translation came into existence, there has been no recurring topic than surviving during a “slump” or a “dry spell” in the life of a freelance translator. Since the beginning of my career, I have been challenged by many people to find a suitable way to...

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Word Origins – Baguette

In honor of Bastille Day (14th July), I have decided to discuss about one of my favorite French exports: the French bread, which refers to baguette. For those still unknown to this fact, baguette refers to a long thin loaf of French bread, which is distinguishable by...

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